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The quality of a company’s roof can have a major impact on operating costs. The All Roofing commercial team understands your pain points and are able to resolve them with the utmost precision and timeliness.
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Commercial Roofing Services for Houston & Surrounding Area Businesses

At All Roofing & Remodeling, we treat every Houston-area business we service as if it were our own. That’s the All Roofing difference — we understand the value your business has and how much you want to take care of it within a reasonable budget. We will work closely with you to find a solution from our range of roofing services that fits your business and budget’s needs. 

We are always transparent with our pricing, and we’re happy to walk you through the cost savings of any of our roofing services, whether that’s routine maintenance, leak detection and inspection, storm damage, or the installation of a completely new roof. 

Commercial Roof Installation

  • We are experienced in nearly all commercial roofing types, methods, and materials. From flat roofs to sloped and pitched roofs, we can recommend and install the roofing material that best fits your roof shape and budget. 

    In terms of materials used, we are well-versed in the installation of all materials: 

    • Built-up roofing (BUR, your tar and gravel roofs)
    • Modified bitumen (asphalt and rubber plastic polymer)
    • Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO, single-ply)
    • Traditional shingle roofing
    • Classic and conventional metal roofing
    • Stone-coated DECRA metal shingles (and other textured metals)
    • R-panel metal roofing
    • Standing seam metal roofing
    • EDCO steel roofing

Same-Day Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance

The commercial team at All Roofing is available to address your problems the same business day and ensure they never happen again in the future with one of our preventative maintenance plans. They include a comprehensive inspection for roof leaks, cleaning the roof to ensure the maximum lifespan of your current one, as well as making sure all materials are still good for use and swiftly replacing them when needed.

Generally speaking, your roof should have no problems for the first 12 years of its life if installed correctly. After the 12th year, however, there are several ways you can tell your roof needs repair or replacing include:

  • Leaks: When the roof leaks, it’s a clear sign you need to call a roof repair person to take a look.
  • Ponding: Where water pools on the roof and staying longer than two days. This is an indication of sagging.
  • Damage to Coating or Polymer: The coating will either look bald or feel slippery. Damage can also occur with accidental punctures or penetrations.
  • Blistering: Moisture becomes trapped within the roof’s layers, often due to poor ventilation.
  • Corrosion: This occurs when the metal begins to oxide and turn color.
  • Missing parts: This includes materials like flashing or fasteners that keep the elements out.

Botched repairs, lack of maintenance, and bad installations can also contribute to roofing problems down the line. It’s better to address these issues head-on before they become a bigger burden.

Metal Roofing

Today, businesses, as well as homeowners, are increasingly making the switch to a metal roof. We offer many types of metal roofing solutions, including classic, stone-coated metal shingles, R-panels, standing seam, and EDCO steel roofing.

We’re clear proponents of metal roofing applications for several reasons:

  • Metal roofs last much longer than traditional asphalt and gravel roofs, averaging 60 years compared to 15 to 20 for traditional roofing solutions.
  • Metal roofs are also more energy-efficient, as they reflect the sun’s heat rays rather than absorbing them. On average, metal roof installation saves businesses more in the long-term than a traditional roof with heat-absorbing properties.
  • Metal roofs are also safer. They not only can weather against strong winds and storms, but they also are resistant to lightning strikes.

That said, this material is also more costly than other roofing materials and can be noisier during rain or hail. If you think a metal roof might be the right choice for you, then contact us today and we can provide a free quote for your job.

Storm Damage Assessments & Repairs

Houston is no stranger to storms. Being from the Bayou City ourselves, the All Roofing team is intimately familiar with how to deal with storm damage and how overwhelming dealing with damage can be. From hurricanes to hail storms, our professionals stand ready to assess the damage caused to your roof and offer you a clear repair plan.

We’ll do right by you and present all of your available options and make sure you understand them. Additionally, our licensed in-house adjuster can work with your insurance company to fast track the claims process. We’ll also provide you with essential documentation to support your claim and increase your chances of a favorable outcome. Moreover, we’ll be there when your insurance’s claim adjuster arrives to guarantee damage to your property is accurately assessed.

We’ve Got Your Business Covered

  • All Roofing has been a trusted provider of commercial roofing services for hundreds of Houston businesses for years. We’ve got the expertise of a national roofing company with the neighborly feel of a small business.

    Whatever your need — whether it’s sealing a small leak or a complete replacement of your company’s first-line defense against the elements — our associates at All Roofing have an answer and are willing to work with you and your budget.

    We service all communities and neighborhoods within the Greater Houston Area:

    • Houston
    • Spring
    • Katy
    • The Woodlands
    • Conroe
    • Magnolia
    • Humble
    • Cypress
    • Tomball
    • Bryan
    • Kingwood
    • Montgomery

    And more. If you’re in or around Houston, we can reach you.