Get Better ROI on Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

March 2, 2019

The best home remodeling services you can get are for your bathroom. It’s an essential part of your home, and any updates will lead to a rise an increase in your home’s value. What most homeowners may not know, though, is that it takes more than just changing its appearance. Remember that the product of a good remodeling project should last for more ten years and impress potential buyers. Read on as our experts at All Roofing and Remodeling Co., Inc., share tips for improving your bathroom project’s return on investment.

Size and Number

Giving your bathroom enough space can be a big draw for potential buyers. A good indicator is to base the size on how many bedrooms you have. Ideally, larger homes need to accommodate more people. It’s also important to remember that having a larger single bathroom won’t match up to having two regular sized bathrooms. Always make sure your bathroom renovation targets the right space and number.

Fixtures Over Replacement

Updating your bathroom doesn’t mean you have to replace everything. It’s not always a good idea to replace your bathtub or shower. A cost-effective alternative is changing out parts of the fixtures. For example, you can switch out the faucets and shower heads with items that match or improve the decor.

Discount Backsplashes

Getting tiles or ceramic for the flooring and walls are the best improvements for any bathroom and kitchen remodeling. This material is waterproof and gives a stylish feel for the area. However, you don’t have to look for expensive options to get stylish. You can also ask for leftover ceramics from contractors or your neighbors for your countertops or other fixtures. You might even get a great discount.

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